History A conversation with a Vietnam POW

A conversation with a Vietnam POW


Mark Pfoff and retired USAF Colonel John Mann talk with retired Navy Captain Mike McGrath about his experiences flying in Vietnam, getting shot down, and being a P.O.W. for six years.

In our first episode we talk with Captain McGrath about his training, flying combat missions in Vietnam, and being shot down on his 179th mission.

We are working on getting a second interview with Captain McGrath to complete our series on his amazing journey in Vietnam.  We will post the podcast as soon as it's ready. Stay tuned.


Want to learn more?  Read Captain McGrath's book sold on Amazon.

Want to read more about the A4 Skyhawk in Vietnam?


We are working on more podcasts about the air war over Vietnam and other wars in America's history.  Send suggestions to publisher@TLtalks.com.


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