About TLtalks

About TLtalks

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Our philosophy

We believe individuals can engage in conversation respecting each others' values, opinions, and beliefs.

Mission Statement:

To provide a platform where stories, articles, podcasts and information can be published for the enrichment of all within the Tri-Lakes area.  To allow community members to exchange thoughts and information free from the negativity associated with social media.

To help build community within our Tri-Lakes area.

Website disclamer:

TLtalks.com does not edit or modify any material submitted for publication. Although we use the term "publish" or "publication" the more accurate statement would be; TLtalks.com "posts" material provided by contributors.

TLtalks.com is not responsible for any statements made in any material posted. Responsibility for any statements made in any posted material lies solely with the person(s) who made the statements.

If interested in using or submitting material to our website please read our terms and conditions.