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Submitting Articles

Submitting articles, podcasts, and videos

Terms and conditions: 

Individuals submitting articles/podcasts/video (also known as "material") understand there is no agreement or contract with anyone associated with TLtalks.com and they are giving full consent for TLtalks.com to post any and all material submitted. They also understand any and all statements made in their submissions are theirs alone and not the views or opinions of TLtalks.com.  The fact that TLtalks.com selects a submission for publication does not suggest or indicate any endorsement of the material. By submitting material to TLtalks.com the individual(s) submitting the material takes all responsibility for the content of the material. 

TLtalks.com does not edit or modify any material submitted for publication. Although we use the term "publish" or "publication" the more accurate statement would be; TLtalks.com "posts" material provided by contributors.

Those associated with TLtalks.com do not endorse any statements, and assumes NO liability or responsibility for any statements made in any article, podcast, or video.  

TLtalks.com reserves the right to not publish or remove any material for any reason.

Simply, TLtalks.com guarantees nothing and takes no responsibility for anything.

Sorry, had to get that out of the way; let’s talk about the publication…

Submitting material:

Currently TLtalks.com is a monthly publication.  Submissions for consideration should be sent to publisher@TLtalks.com by the 15th of the month to be considered for the next month’s publication. TLtalks.com will publish new material prior to the first of the month.

TLtalks.com is devoted to supporting community members who inspire to write, create podcasts, or produce videos.  Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for those who choose to use our website.  We want to encourage our neighbors to find their creativity and tell us a story.   Everyone has a story to tell; here is your chance to tell yours.

Guidelines for submissions:

Please provide your full name, address, and phone number with your submission.  Anonymous authors will not be considered.   Steps will be taken to verify identities. If we cannot verify your identity we will not publish your article.  We will consider publishing material without the author’s name on a case by case basis. 

Make sure you provide a title for your article/story, how you want your name posted, and if you want your email address posted. Also let us know if you want comments turned off.

We encourage human interest stories, however, this does not exclude other types of articles which might interest members of the Tri-Lakes community.  We are looking for a wide range of topics. For example; history, military, war, recreation, hobbies, nature, fiction, informational, photoessays, sports, self-help, business, teenage topics, law enforcement, etc...  If you think others will be interested, send us your story.

There is no word count.  We encourage stories which can be read in one sitting.  This would suggest a word count between 500-3000.  Series, or longer articles will be considered.

We recommend podcasts between 5 and 30 minutes.  Max of 35 minutes and 30 mbytes. Sponsored podcasts might be longer.  At the beginning of the podcast make sure to identify everyone on the podcast and the title or topic.

Videos should not exceed 30 mbytes, we will not spend time compressing videos.

Written stories should be submitted in the following formats: Word, Pages, or PDF. Podcast in any format accepted by iTunes. 

Don't forget to submit a small digital image to be used as the submission’s “featured image”.  Other pictures can be incorporated in articles. Not too many.  If you want images to accompany a podcast send them.

TLtalks.com has a small volunteer committee that reviews all submissions and provides recommendations.

TLtalks.com does not edit or modify submissions.  If a submission does not meet our standards it will not be selected for publication. We recommend contributors have a 3rd party review and edit their material prior to submission. 

Some possible reasons submissions might not be selected:

Not appropriate for our community

Inappropriate language or content

Poor readability or poor grammar

Poor audio or video quality

Too long or too short


If you are interested in becoming a sponsored contributor send us an email at publisher@TLtalks.com