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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions: 

Individuals submitting articles/podcasts/video (also known as "material") understand there is no agreement or contract with anyone associated with TLtalks.com and they are giving full consent for TLtalks.com to post any and all material submitted. They also understand any and all statements made in their submissions are theirs alone and not the views or opinions of TLtalks.com.  The fact that TLtalks.com selects a submission for publication does not suggest or indicate any endorsement of the material.  By submitting material to TLtalks.com the individual(s) submitting the material take all responsibility for the content of the material. 

TLtalks.com does not edit or modify any material submitted for publication. Although we use the term "publish" or "publication" the more accurate statement would be; TLtalks.com "posts" material provided by contributors.

Those associated with TLtalks.com do not endorse any statements and assume NO liability or responsibility for any statements made in any article, podcast, or video.

TLtalks.com reserves the right to not publish or remove any material for any reason.

Simply, TLtalks.com guarantees nothing and takes no responsibility for anything.

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