2019 Bond An Introduction to the Lewis-Palmer school district 2019 Bond

An Introduction to the Lewis-Palmer school district 2019 Bond


Want to get information about the 2019 Lewis-Palmer school district bond?

Retiring Lewis-Palmer school board member Mark Pfoff talks about the history of the district, growth, and the facts around the bond to address overcrowding at our middle school.

Mark is planning three podcasts; Introduction, growth, and the bond. In this podcast, Mark explains why we went down to one middle school during the recession and why it's time to go back to two middle schools.  He gives an overview about growth, capacity, and the bond.

Mark explains how we can pass a bond to build a new school and your overall residential property taxes for the school district should remain about the same.

Listen to the second podcast in the series; Growth and the 2019 bond.


  1. Where is the MLO yo operate the new school.

    If the new staff, utilities, insurance, is to come from reserves where is the financial impacts of NO MLO on mandatory district reserves.

    • Just like with every other school is the district, staff is paid for with PPR (Per Pupil Revenue). This school would be no different. It will be the same as before we went down to one middle school. The school district has allocated 500k in its yearly budget for additional staff. There should be no impacts to the district reserves other than to convert Creekside back to a middle school which has already been budgeted in preparation.

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