Cattle Ranching with Drones


A few years ago I became a cattle rancher.  This was only possible because an old friend, who has been a cattle rancher for years offered to let my cattle run with his. With well over a thousand head of cattle it was not too much of a burden to let mine hang out with his.  He even gave me the use of his bulls.  I’m sure they didn’t mind. 

I worked on ranches and farms during my summers in college. I loved it; however, becoming a computer engineer and then a detective it was rare for me to get out to a farm or ranch.  When I was given a chance to own cattle I jumped on it.  It is so relaxing to get away from town and hang out with my old friend and our cattle. 

Every spring my herd grows with the addition of calves.  This year I doubled my herd and I hope to double it again next year.  It’s a lot of fun going to a cattle auction and bidding on cattle.  One suggestion if you ever go, take a lot of money because you might buy more than you were planning.  But that is another story I hope to share later in a podcast.  

Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy I have not been able to get out to the ranch until recently.  You work all year looking forward to calving in the spring.  It’s cool to see them all running around. You might even get a chance to feed and pet a calf.  I fed this little guy a bottle and worked with him to make sure he was walking.  You just have to make sure you do not get attached to them.

The ranch where my cows are is very large with thousands of acres. It can be a challenge to find them all. Being a computer engineer I wondered if a drone would help.  To be honest, it really did not matter; it was an excuse to buy one.

There are parts of the ranch where it's hard to take vehicles.  Also, sometimes you can see the cow(s) in the distance but you’re not sure if you need to go over and check on them.  I wondered if a drone would help.  Again, who cares, it’s fun to fly a drone.

When I got out to the ranch I was told one of my red angus heifers had a small calf and we should go check on it to see if it was doing okay and getting bigger.   Sounds like a job for my newly acquired drone.  The calf I was looking for was with hundreds of other cows and calves.  Good news, most of them are black angus so that would help me find mine.

The following video is from the drone.   Not only did I find my cow and calf.  I verified it was okay without having to drive across the pasture.   I also found out it might be possible to herd cattle with drones.  I will need to buy more drones for that test.

I love my drone, but not as much as my cattle.


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