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2019 Lewis-Palmer School District 38 bond

 The latest news concerning the 2019 Bond to address overcrowding at the middle school

Get the facts by listening to our 2019 Bond Podcasts.

Review the presentation given by Mark Pfoff and Chris Taylor to the rest of the school board at the March 4th work session about the plan to resolve the overcrowding at the middle school.  Click here for presentation.

Listen to podcasts with our teachers and staff.  Get your information from those who teach our kids everyday. Is our middle school over crowded?  Get the facts from two middle school teachers.

Did you know:

Our one middle school (Lewis-Palmer Middle School) is over capacity by 4.5% which forced the school board into adding modulars this past summer?

Overcrowding is causing safety concerns during drop-off and pick-up times?

Because there is only one lunch room to support so many students, they have to split up lunch into multiple sessions.

The following chart shows the yearly "October" count reported by District 38 to the Colorado Department of Education.

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 9.46.10 PM

Which schools are seeing the most growth since 2015?

#1 - Lewis-Palmer High School (138)

#2 - Lewis-Palmer Middle School (92)*

#3 - Bear Creek Elementary School (74)*

#4 - Palmer Ridge High School (67)*

#5 - Ray Kilmer Elementary School (49)

#6 - Monument Academy Charter School (47)

* Schools at or above capacity


Question: If Lewis-Palmer were to build a new school; going back to two middle schools and 6th graders moved back to middle school. What would be the utilization of both middle schools?

Answer: Both middle schools would be around 75% of capacity.

Question:  If we went back to two middle schools what would happen to the traffic at both middle schools?

Answer:  It would decrease at LPMS and stay about the same at Jackson creek. However, there would be two separate drop-offs and pick-ups at the Jackson creek campus.

Diagrams explaining the 2019 Bond

If you have questions concerning the proposed 2019 bond contact a board member

District 1 - Chris Taylor

District 2 - Theresa Phillips

District 3 - Tiffiney Upchurch

District 4 - Mark Pfoff

District 5 - Matthew Clawson

Independent information concerning the 2019 Bond

Obtain information about the 2019 bond from groups advocating for the bond.

Strong D38 Community


Obtain information about the 2019 bond from groups not supporting the bond

There are no known formal groups opposing the 2019 Bond