Criminal Justice Jury Duty 101

Jury Duty 101


Jury duty is something everyone should experience at some point in their lives. When you get a jury summons for the first time you might get excited or you might feel reluctant because you've never done it before.

Some express how sitting on a jury will impact their busy schedule and it's too much of a burden.  They do what ever they can to get out of serving.  Too bad; they will miss a great opportunity to see how our judicial system works. Sacrificing a little time to help support our judicial system is a small price to pay.

To encourage people to serve; I recorded three podcasts.  The first one is short and simple; it explains the process of getting summoned and what to expect when you arrive for jury duty.  The next two podcasts are conversations with Anita Rothwell, a math teacher at Palmer Ridge High School.  We have both served on juries and we talk about our experiences.

After listening to our podcasts, hopefully you will look forward to serving on a jury.


Introduction to Jury duty:

Initial conversation with Anita Rothwell about serving on a jury:

Anita Rothwell and I continue our conversation about serving on a Jury:


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