Photoessay Magnificent Thunderbirds

Magnificent Thunderbirds


Photos and text by Bonnie Nasser

It's almost that time of the year again, graduation at the United States Air Force Academy.  This year it's on May 30, 2019.  Photographing these planes is the most fun you can have with a camera, plus it's challenging to photograph something moving at 400-500 mph.  I get these pictures from the East side of Interstate 25.  I use a Canon 80D with an 18-200 Canon Telephoto lens set for action photography.  Usually I get more than 600 pictures in the 30 minutes that they perform.  I filter the images through photo shop and crop them and enhance them for better lighting.  Go out there either on graduation or watch for what days they might practice the week before and try to photograph them.  I promise it's fun and exciting.
Editor's note: These pictures are no where near the resolution of the original photographs


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