Billboard Palmer Lake TRY-athlon

Palmer Lake TRY-athlon

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On Saturday, August 3, 2019, Awake the Lake will hold the first-ever TRY-athlon in Palmer Lake, Colorado. The TRY-athlon is an easy 50-meter, overly-assisted swim; a 250-meter, anything-with-wheels ride; and a 250-meter run/walk/hobble. Our "super official in some alternative race world" race can be negotiated both by individual competitors or by 3-person teams. All performed in a spirit of fun, frivolity, and festivity. Competitors are rewarded with views of scenic Palmer Lake and the majestic front range; the hospitality of our charming, eclectic little town; a really cool t-shirt, an inflatable and zany prizes for bizarre achievements. Don’t miss this!!!

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