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Janet Sellers

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Janet Sellers was born in Laguna Beach, California. Her degrees are in Japanese poetry, German Literature and Mandarin, having studied languages with an eye to exploring global human expressive forms in language and fine art. She studied art in Europe at museums and ancient cultural sites, and later attended the esteemed Art Center College of Design, where she was also an administrator guiding students in their art studies toward their careers in art. She studied conservation of antiquities at the Getty Museum. She has exhibited her artwork and received awards and honors for her paintings, murals, sculptures and Ikebana modified tree and flower art installations in the United States, Japan, and Korea at museums and site-specific installations including monumental outdoor murals in Los Angeles, museums in Atami and Kyoto, Japan, exhibitions in Pusan and Seoul Korea, and facilitated large art and Ikebana installations at Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles and at Japanfest, Disneyland. Her art is frequently based on conservation issues, nature, and cultural identity and is often research intensive. She has received awards for her fiction and non-fiction writing and her speech presentations; during college at Monterey Institute of International Studies and at San Francisco State, she received awards and honors for talks she gave in English, Japanese, German and Mandarin. While her professional art and writing career spans decades and continents, her joy of life is family, nature, and sharing her art and writing with others. She enjoys kayaking at our local lakes, taking in art and nature walks, and sharing her love of nature conservation and our nearby Native American sacred sites and Culturally Modified Trees (CMT), many close to her home. She teaches art classes in Woodmoor and in her Fox Run Studio at Southwinds Fine Art Gallery.