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Kerry Foreman is a local Psychotherapist, practicing out of the office and on the trails of the Rocky Mountains. After working as a School Counselor in District 38. She learned that the unique challenges our teens and tweens are facing needed a bigger approach than the antiquated tools we were using in mental health. We aren’t reaching our teens and are continuously piling stress onto their shoulders, while expecting perfection. We need to take a step back and a long hard look at our parenting, and the system we find ourselves in.

She started Get Grounded LLC. to talk about mental health out loud and remove the secrecy around it....and now works with parents, teens and tweens across the country teaching Mindfulness, coping skills, boundary setting and more. Her goal is to help parents SEE their children less from power and control and more from an authentic view of the humans they are.

Kerry has a unique voice that speaks to parents wanting a deeper connection and a bigger relationship with their kids, and does so using our ability to be mindful and accept our kids for who they are, not who we wanted them to be. Her knack for being real and raw seems to draw out the “me too” waiting to be seen.

Kerry’s work can also be found in The TODAY Show, TODAY Parents, The Huffington Post, Finer Minds, MindValley, Power of Mom’s, The Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, Red Tricycle, Stop Medicine Abuse, Your Tango, and various podcast interviews available upon request.

Website: KerryForeman.com

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