2019 Bond The 2019 School Bond – ballot wording and bond schedule

The 2019 School Bond – ballot wording and bond schedule


Retiring school board member Mark Pfoff explains the 2019 bond.  He goes into detail about the ballot measure and the bond schedule.  We all know a bond is a tax increase. Want to know how a bond can be "cost Neutral" for residential property owners?  Mark explains how we can pass a bond and have our overall residential property taxes for the school district remain about the same. He provides the documents to back up his statements.

During the podcast, Mark talks with retired superintendent Rob Blunck who is knowledgable in school finances and bonds. What does an outsider, who has nothing to gain, think about our proposed bond?

Get the facts about the bond!

Parents, if you are concerned about your 6th graders being in the middle schools. Please listen to mark's podcast with two experienced middle school teachers who taught back when 6th graders were in the middle schools and listen to the podcast with middle school principal Seann O'Connor.  They will set your minds at ease about 6th graders and they will convince you we need a second middle school.


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