History “Trouble”; The story of a B-24 Liberator shot down over France

“Trouble”; The story of a B-24 Liberator shot down over France


Join retired Colonel John Mann and Mark Pfoff as they talk with local author Larry Smith about his book "Trouble". The book is about his father-in-law, Sgt. Robert Sweatt who was a gunner on a B-24 Liberator. After multiple missions over occupied Europe and one crash landing, Sgt. Sweatt was shot down over France on January 7, 1944. He was the sole survivor of a crew of 11.

In our first podcast we talk with Larry about Sgt. Sweatt's life, his decision to become a gunner, training and early missions in WW II.  We then talk about that fateful day he was shot down over occupied France.

In our second podcast we take up our story as Sgt. Sweatt is falling to earth from 20,000 feet after his plane blows up.  Larry Smith goes through the incredible story how Sgt. Sweatt is rescued by french farmers only minutes before German soldiers arrive, how he hid in plain sight, and how resistance fighters helped him get back to England.

Want to know more?

Read Larry Smith's Bio.  Get his book on Amazon; "Trouble"

Watch raw footage of an interview with Robert Sweatt on youtube.

Visit Larry Smith's author page

For more pictures and information about the book, visit the facebook page.


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