2019 Bond Vote yes on 4A – An Opinion shared by many

Vote yes on 4A – An Opinion shared by many



It is no secret that I am quite biased regarding District 38 students and its community.  My family and I moved to the Tri-Lakes area in 1988, and when I retired as school superintendent in 2003, my wife and I decided we did not want to move anywhere else. This was home.

As a long-time resident I have witnessed the value of strong public schools, both in property values and quality of life.  As a former educator and administrator, I can relate to the challenges of growth.  In the 1980s and 1990s, it became imperative a number of times to build new facilities for school growth.  Today I see a number of close similarities to those times. So, it should be no surprise that I support the 4A ballot issue in favor of building a new elementary school in Jackson Creek.

Because voters last year indicated their reservations and concerns over ballot wording, this year the board of education and administration drafted a clear, concise, singular issue for the 2019 4A Question. By voting FOR the Lewis-Palmer District 38 proposed bond, you will vote for constructing and equipping a new elementary school in the Jackson Creek area, which is the specific location where classroom seats are needed most.

A former neighbor of mine once said she appreciated my serving as her kids’ superintendent because she knew I was a “cheap skate”!  I prefer to think perhaps I am frugal, and I certainly believe in being smart about spending when necessary.  To that end, a YES on 4A should have minimal impact on homeowners because the existing bond debt is decreasing.  Secondly, new homes mean a growing tax base, resulting in more tax revenues.  Third, the proposed bond has a conservative structure at just 15 years, which means significant savings.  Therefore, homeowners can expect “little or no tax impact.” If I can gain new classroom space with virtually little or no increase to what I currently pay, I am all for it! Additionally, a YES on 4A means gaining more than just an elementary school.  Bear Creek Elementary will revert to being a second middle school again, grades 6,7, and 8, which in turn opens all those 6th grade seats at the elementary schools.

Due to the growing population, over-crowding in schools is the single issue for this bond election. The community is already behind in addressing the need to expand school facilities, and it is time to move forward.  A 4A YES will enable District 38 to continue its world class levels of educational programming. Lewis-Palmer School District 38 has long been known for its pursuit of excellence in serving students and community in safe facilities whose aesthetic form enhances student curiosity, engaging activities, and intellectually-stimulating curriculum and instruction. As patrons and voters in this community, we have an opportunity, if not a civic duty to future generations, to support this pursuit of excellence.  Please join me and vote YES on Question 4A for the construction and equipping of a new elementary school in Jackson Creek.  

Dwight (Ted) Bauman

Superintendent of Schools, Retired

Lewis-Palmer School  District 38 


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