Community Interest Wesley Owens prepares to reopen their dinning room

Wesley Owens prepares to reopen their dinning room


The owners of Wesley Owens, Fabian and Lindsey Laite prepare to reopen their dinning room on Monday May 18th (if all goes well).  They discuss their challenges during the shutdown and preparing for the reopening of their dinning room.

Note: We recorded the podcast in the conference room at Wesley Owens so the audio is less than perfect; however, the conversation was good.


  1. I couldn’t hear this well enough. This is what I I think all restaurants that open up should do:
    All workers do not go from one area to another I’m constantly wearing mask and gloves.
    Customers coming in that door should have masks and gloves on all tables separate from each other at least by 6 feet be escorted to your table sit down and you can take your mask and gloves, off do not get up for any reason
    Food is delivered to the table asked if anybody needs whatever just like a waitress or waiter does anyways
    When customers are ready to leave they get their bill they already they motion the waiter or waitress over the staff brings over a tray customer places the bill and how they’re paying for it on the tray the staff takes the tray over to the person behind the counter that pays they take off the money and card bill excetera you the transaction put the stuff back on the tray and the staff delivers it back to the table
    Put the tray down after sliding the stuff off on the table if a receipt has to be signed they sign it put it back on the tray waiter or waitress comes picks up the tray and takes it back over to the cashier
    The waiter waitress takes the stuff back when the cashier is done slides it onto the table puts the trade down hanging over a little bit if a receipt has to be signed they sign it put the pin and the receipt back on the tray so the staff could deliver it to the cashier if not you slide the stuff off take the train back to the cashier and put it down in one place in a place where they need to get sanitized
    if there is a signed receipt and a pen staff slides that off to the cashier takes the trade puts it to get sanitized the cashier does whatever they do with the receipt underneath the money box or whatever and wipes down the pin sanitizing it
    all is done customers put their gloves and their mask back on an exit directly out of the business with a straight shot not having to pass anybody up with at least 6 ft around them


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