Material Podcast What’s wrong with social media?

What’s wrong with social media?


Why are some people so mean and rude on social media? Retired computer crimes detective Mark Pfoff talks about the issues with social media and gives his definition of an internet Troll.


  1. Your post reminded me of this book I read earlier this year.

    Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right by Jaron Lanier

    Basically, social media has turned people into what you have experienced, a-holes or people who have become too politically correct.

    Example, just watch the news for five minutes, you are bombarded by what someone said on Twitter, even if it was good, someone else may feel it was not good enough. Or, also what you have experienced, an assault of your character by someone who would never criticize you to your face.

    I work for “big tech” and did not have a social media presence other than a LinkedIn account. After reading Mr. Lanier’s book I promptly deleted that account (I never logged into anyway).

    I appreciate all the hard work you have done for the district.


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